Averill Lovely

Averill Lovely is a world traveling blues & swing based musician living in Taos, New Mexico.

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Taos Plaza Live! Averill Lovely Band

Singer/Songwriter Averill Lovely has played the Maine festivals for years. He has relocated to Taos and formed a new band of well known locals, David Kinney, Colin Jenkinson and Thomas Ziccarello. They will be making their Taos Plaza Live debut playing 6 to 7. 

Enjoy the songs of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits plus Averill Lovely Originals. 

Susan Dilger - KNCE American: Southwest and Beyond said this: "Averill brings a fresh new sound to the Taos area"

Visit www.Averill-Lovely.com gig listing for dates playing at The ALLEY, Old Martina's and Taos Mesa Brewing in Taos, Bull O' the Woods in Red River and the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid New Mexico. 

Band photo, video sound clips follow,

"One of my more popular originals". A. Lovely

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